Voluntary Separation Agreement 2024

The SPFA has agreed to a voluntary separation program with Sask Polytech for the 2023-24 Academic Year.

The following communication went out to all faculty from Provost Malik this afternoon:


Good afternoon faculty,

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is once again looking proactively at our current fiscal reality and our future needs. To this end, Sask Polytech has reached an agreement with the Sask Polytech Faculty Association (SPFA) and will be offering a voluntary separation program to SPFA employees.

The intent of the voluntary separation agreement is to assist our operational and fiscal planning and potentially avoid lay off actions that may be required in some program areas. We appreciate the impact lay off actions have on our entire organization and welcome the opportunity for faculty (SPFA members) to self-identify their interest in this program. The program is specifically offered to SPFA members and has been structured on the parameters defined in our agreement. Applications will be assessed based on the needs of individual program areas and our operational planning requirements.

Details of the program and application form can be found at: Voluntary Separation

If you are considering this program, the open period for application for SPFA members is February 1, 2024 and will close 4:30 pm on February 15, 2024. Human Resources (HR) will communicate directly with anyone making application and will provide timely feedback with respect to your application (timelines are posted on the link above).

Should you have any questions regarding this program, please contact your HR consultant or your SPFA representative.


The voluntary separation LOU, FAQ and General Release are provided below for reference.

Should you have any questions, please contact a Faculty Relations Officer directly to discuss.

General inquiries can go to faculty.relations@spfa.ca

Voluntary Separation Agreement SPFA signed Jan 29 2024

Frequently Asked Questions 2024

General Release VS Program Dec 2024

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