Tentative Agreement Information Sessions

On December 3rd Saskatchewan Polytechnic Faculty Association (SPFA) reached a tentative agreement with Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  The tentative agreement was posted to the SPFA website for members to view shortly thereafter in December.

The next step is to provide details of the tentative agreement through presentations that will be held at campus locations as follows:

DATE                                                    TIME                  LOCATION                                   ROOM                             


Thursday, January 9/20                 12 noon            Regina - Parkway campus        Room 100

Thursday, January 9/20                 3:15 pm            Regina – Main campus             Room 921

Friday, January 10/20                     12 noon           Moose Jaw                               Macoun Lounge

Friday, January 10/20                     3:15 pm           Moose Jaw                               Macoun Lounge

Monday, January 13/20                 12 noon            Saskatoon - English Cr             Room 6

Tuesday, January 14/20                12 noon            Prince Albert                             Room 237 Acad. Bldg.

Tuesday, January 14/20                3:15 pm            Prince Albert                            Room 237 Acad. Bldg

Thursday, January 16/20              11:30 am          Saskatoon - Phoenix Bldg        Boardroom 211

Monday, January 20/20                12 noon            Saskatoon - Avenue W             Room 1620

Tuesday, January 21/20                12 noon           Saskatoon - main campus        Room 317

Tuesday, January 21/20                3:15 pm           Saskatoon - Davies Bldg          Auditorium

Wednesday, January 22/20         12 noon             Saskatoon - Ontario Ave          Boardroom 115.3

A Zoom meeting is scheduled for:

Wednesday, January 22/20         12 noon     Zoom link TBC     

Members are strongly encouraged to attend an information presentation to learn about the tentative agreement before voting. 

Voting on the tentative Agreement will take place by online ballot from 10:00 am, January 23rd to 10 pm January 31st

If you don’t receive an emailed ballot from eballot, check your junk/spam email and if you still don’t find an emailed ballot, contact Adam Farion at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will resend your email ballot. 



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