Associate Dean – Academic Chair Survey Results

When the academic chair positions were introduced, SPFA identified and circulated expected positive outcomes resulting from the introduction of this new level of management and SPFA encouraged faculty to apply for the academic chair positions. We are pleased to note that most academic chair positions have been filled by faculty. It has been over two years since the introduction of these positions and perhaps three years since the introduction of associate dean positions. As in the case of academic chair positions, most associate dean positions have been filled by faculty. Again, we are pleased to note this trend.

Given that faculty and students have a vested interest in the success and effectiveness of these positions, SPFA conducted a brief survey of faculty to determine the impact of these new positions.

While the survey was simplistic, the results do identify both positive and negative reactions to the implementation of these positions. The majority of the responses are negative in terms of the value and functioning of the academic chair and associate dean positions.  While this is not encouraging, the survey may provide a basis for required improvement.  The value of the survey is not in criticizing; the value is in identifying current perceptions and performance and finding a way forward.  We hope that this survey will start a conversation and processes that will lead to a higher functioning Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  We hope to be engaging management in relevant conversations in the immediate future.

A brief synopsis does not do justice to any survey. Readers are encouraged to see all responses as reported through the 31-page document posted to our website. You must log in to see the plotted survey results. The 242 comments received (27 pages) can be viewed by contacting the SPFA office or your campus VP.  These comments have been edited to remove all information that would identify the authors. Regardless of that precaution, we will not be making this document public. 

530 faculty responded to survey questions. This level of response assures that the survey accurately reflects the opinions of faculty.  

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