2020-21 Education Awards for member's dependent family

Three Internal Awards (taking courses at Sask Polytech) valued at $1,000 are still available for the 2020-21 academic year. Apply for an award at: https://saskpolytech.ca/admissions/resources/scholarships-and-awards.aspx.  The External Awards (attending post-secondary institutions other than Sask Polytech) have all been awarded for the 2020-21 academic year. 

The SPFA offers education awards annually to support post-secondary studies of faculty family members.
Saskatchewan Polytechnic Faculty Association Awards are $1000 each and are awarded to faculty family members (as per the benefits package definition) who are enrolled for 2020-21 classes in a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution. Applicants from previous years who did not receive an award, but are still in post-secondary studies at Sask Polytech, are encouraged to apply again. Previous recipients of SPFA awards are ineligible as there is a limit of one award per person in a lifetime.

The awards are distributed through SaskPolytech’s Donor and Alumni Relations (DAR) office.  If your family member applied and hasn't heard about the status of their application, campus contact information can be found on the Student Awards website under the "Contact Us" tab.

The SPFA Education Awards committee thanks all applicants.  For those who are continuing post-secondary studies at an external post-secondary institution into the 2021-22 academic year and were not recipients this year, another application can be made in the spring. 


Vice President, Moose Jaw Election Run-off Results

Good morning,

The election results for the Moose Jaw VP Election Run-off Ballot are inserted below. Jeff Galbraith got a majority of the votes, and is declared elected.

Thank you to the candidates and all those that voted in the elections.

You'll find a screenshot from the eBallot results below:















Wade Lahoda

Chief Electoral Officer - SPFA



2020 SPFA Election Results

The election results for the SPFA President are inserted below.

Bill Grosskleg has achieved a majority vote and is therefore declared elected. The transition of responsibility will occur, as per the SPFA Constitution, at the next scheduled Executive Council meeting.


Here’s the screenshot for the president’s report from eBallot.


The eBallot election results for Moose Jaw are inserted below.


The SPFA Constitution states on page 6 of 13:

Successful Election: Nominees for each position shall be declared elected when they have received a majority of the votes cast or they are the only nominee at the close of nominations. 

If, after the first ballot, no nominee for the position shall have received a majority, the list of nominees shall be reduced to those two nominees receiving the most votes on the first ballot. The run-off vote will occur within seven calendar days, in each case as may be required to identify a majority vote.

Given that no candidate has achieved a majority of the votes cast, a runoff election will be required for Moose Jaw Campus VP.  The top two candidates for Moose Jaw Campus VP will appear on an eBallot.  The eBallot will be sent to the Saskpolytech email address of Moose Jaw Campus members on Tuesday @ 9:00 am, November 24.  eVoting will remain open until Thursday @ 4:00 pm, November 26.  The results of the election runoff will be announced by email to the members on Friday, November 27.


We wish to thank all the candidates and all those that are voting in these elections.

For those in attendance at the AGM you would have heard incorrect election results announced. See the explanation below from Jane Zaleschuk.


Wade Lahoda

Chief Electoral Officer – SPFA


Dear SPFA Members,

I made a transposition error when preparing the results document to present during the AGM.  I transposed the number of votes for Jeff to Chad and vice versa. I had also provided my document to my co-electoral officer for his review and he concurred with the results. As such I did not realize during the meeting that I had made an error.  I can now confirm that Jeff Galbraith received 28 votes, 33% of the votes cast.

Subsequent to ending the AGM we noted my error. Which is why the SPFA is sending you this notification.

I apologize for my error and the inconvenience it has caused all parties.

Jane Zaleschuk, CPA, CGA

Manager, Virtus Group





SPFA Membership:

 A pandemic and now a cybersecurity incident.  There is no playbook for this.

 Since Saskatchewan Polytechnic IT Services have been and continue to be disrupted the Virtual AGM will be re-scheduled to Thursday, November 19, 2020; 12 noon – 1:30 pm.  The eVote ballot will remain open until November 18, 2020 @ 10:00 pm.

 Related documents on the SPFA website http://spfa.ca will be updated to reflect this change.

 A reminder that a zoom invite to the virtual AGM will be emailed to all members about 24 hours before the AGM.

 Please VOTE, your voice matters!


Greg Gardiner

Secretary Treasurer



IMPORTANT UPDATE: Sask Polytech Malware Attack

Official message from Saskatchewan Polytechnic Management 


All online and applied learning classes are cancelled November 2-4. There will be no campus access.

Employees are to contact their direct supervisor on Monday, November 2nd.


-Sask Polytech computers should not be used at this time.

-Email on your cell phone is accessible.

-Visit campusupdate.ca for instructions to access email from personal computers.


-Employees will be paid.


Sask Polytech is taking this extra time to restore our systems in order of priority. We are making good progress. Many systems are restored, and data is being backed up. There is no reason to conclude at this point that any personal information has been compromised.


There are new login instructions at campusupdate.ca – check here frequently for the most up-to-date information.


Relevant law enforcement is investigating this incident. As more information about this issue becomes publicly available through traditional and social media, people may reach out to you with questions. It is important all employees exercise caution in their public communication. Saskatchewan Polytechnic has designated spokespeople and channels for sharing information publicly.


Our official media contact is Brianna Bergeron. Please refer all media enquiries to her, and direct the individual to campusupdate.ca for the most up-to-date information. Refer other interested individuals to campusupdate.ca for the most current information and other details.


We are working with our third-party supplier to restore services through Banner, like payroll systems. We will keep you informed as we have new information through campusupdate.ca